Pisces women

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Pisces women in general

Pisces women are incredibly dreamy and they have a great imagination. They love to have their own small place to take refuge from the hardships of this world. However they know how to plan in order to avoid surprises so they get to minimize the impact of events.

They are very generous beings and never fail to give a hand to friends and family when they need them. They have a special ability for making friends and contacts due to their good communication skills.

Of course they know how to convince.

At work they are responsible and determined knowing how to adapt to new circumstances. They are ambitious people. Sometimes they run different kinds of projects and they want to they can become natural leaders of the group, but other times they may lose enthusiasm and leave the matter if they consider it superfluous


Pisces Woman in Love

It is the most sensitive issue because they can mix up illusion and real life and lose the balance of the situation. They love romance and receiving gifts but that´s why they can feel more disappointed than other women if you do not remember dates such as birthdays or anniversaries.

They like to mark their man and watch him and may even be a bit manipulative as they have a well developed intelligence the groom or husband can get to make their wishes come true without even noticing. They will apply these techniques when they think that they can lose what belongs to them.

If you cheat on them you can get different results such as forgiveness, lost of interest in the relationship or just leaving the partner without further explanations. This kind of behavior can make anyone feel very confuse.

The Pisces woman won´t go straight to get her man but for sure she will use her weapons and special tricks to attract those who she likes and this way uses to work pretty well.

In marriage she helps her children with their lessons and doesn´t use to control the husband, because she prefers that he is reasonable and get the agreements through dialogue and reasoning.

The Pisces woman's health

The Pisces woman does not usually make a lot of sports and she has a tendency towards a sedentary lifestyle. She prefers exercises which do not require much physical effort and in general prefers to develop her mind. This approach can make her have a tendency to gain weight so it is necessary to take care of the diet.

Pisces women at work

If you are going to work or engage in business with a female of this sign is important to know their main features. They are good at handling finances and that´s why they will make you earn money while enjoying their company for their original ideas. Although if you want to succeed with her you will always need to respect their independence and you should also give her some leeway so everything works better.


Representando a la mujer piscis

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