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When trying to know how to read the lines of a hand, it is necessary to consider some important elements: size, skin tone, volume, proportion, fingers and nails. In order to read a hand, it is imperative to understand the type of hand in front of us, its mounts and of course, its lines. In which hand do we set our eyes on? We have to look at both hands. The left hand shows what God has given us, while the right hand shows what we do with those gifts. It would be our dominant hand (the one we usually use when writing) the one that will reflect the type of person we are.

The passive hand will show the way we were in childhood, our subconscious, instincts and hidden abilities. Now, let us work on the lines:

The life line is the most important of them all. Many people have the wrong idea of this line as the one that shows how many years we will live. What the life line really exhibits is our vital strength, that means, our health or regenerative energy. We can also see the breaking points in our lives and the capacity to face diseases. It is also related to home and family. If the line is long and strong, it means that our personality is calm and safe. If it is thin and short, we will suffer several illnesses. If the line is red, we are seductive and sexual people. If this line is very different from one hand to the other, it means we are changing and with a weak personality. The gaps in this line show diseases or heavy changes in our lives. If the line is abruptly interrupted, that shows an unespected death.

The place where the line begins is under the forefinger and it ends underneath the palm. The best way to analyze this element is by dividing it in periods of seven years (which is, as a matter of fact, known as a period). When studying the place it begins, it has to be under the index and the base of the thumb. If the line is born under Jupiter's mount, that means, a little higher, this means our willpower is huge and we tend to fight until getting what we want.  

La linea de la vida

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