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The Egyptian culture is one of the most ancient ones all over the world. The Egyptians made great contributions in many field of knowledge, but right now we will get to know the one they made in astrology: the Egyptian horoscope.

It is known that the Egyptians believed in several gods, strictly speaking, it is considered a polytheistic culture, but they had a supreme god above all the others, that actually were representations of human qualities.



The Egyptian horoscope is divided in periods and each one has a protector god that rules over people born under that period. The Egyptian horoscope is known as an allusion to the ritual of the sons of Maat, the sons of Bastet or depending on the god that is ruling in the present time.



Bastet (January 16th to February 15th)

People born under the protection of Bastet, are free spirits, they are always questioning authority, though they own an amazing capacity of empathy towards others. Intelligent, and lovers of what is new, they get bored easily. They are complex when loving, but if they know someone independent who is not trying to change them, the relationship will be perfect.


Selket (February 16th to March 15th)

Selket is the protector goddess of magic, is the symbol of marital union. People born under the protection of Selket are kind, romantic and helpful. They tend to make sacrifices for the ones they care about and in the negative side, they are slack and preconceived. In love, they need a dynamic person who is able to take the initiative.


Apep (March 16th to April 15th)


This is the god that stands for duality in the universe, symbol of evil forces in Duat, but this does not mean that the person born under this sign is a malignant, but a very intelligent person with great self-confidence and unlimited energy. In love, they are passionate and they need someone capable of tolerating their need of closeness.


Ptah (April 16th to May 15th)


The greatest god in Memphis, he symbolizes fertility and is also known as the father of magic. People of this sign have a nice character, they are adventurous, independent and enjoy life. They own the capacity to start many projects at a time and be successful in almost anything they want. In love they are not into complicated relationships, but they can get to be possessive with their couple.



Atum (May 16th to June 15th)


This god represets understanding and wisdom. People born under this sign have an infinite curiosity, they might seem changeable though not with bad intention but looking for new things to come. They were born to study and constant learning and then communicate it very easily to others. In love they are very anxious people and they need to feel safe to make the relationship work.



Isis (June 16th to July 15th)


It represents the feminine reproduction and nature. People born under this sign are great doctors, veterinaries or profesionals that have to take care of the others. They are clever and in their maturity they become shrewd and preventive. They are calm and do not like to depend on other person or situation. In love they are passionate and romantic, their mood is really changeable and that might complicate their relationships. The perfect person for them is the one that does not push them.




Ra (June 16th to July 15th)

The symbol of sun rays, cycle of death and resurrection. People protected by Ra have a strong sense of justice, they are natural leaders, organized and meticulous in everything they do. In love they are calm and love to take the initiative. They also like to pamper the ones they love, sometimes going beyond, feeling that nothing is enough for their families.





Horus (August 16th to September 15th)

People born under this sign own mental balance, are perfectionists, honest, life lovers, humble by nature and trust in everyone easily to the point of being naive and believing they will receive good actions too, when it is not. In love they need to take control, have stability and fidelity. It is hard for someone of this sign to be unfaithful or to betray a person.


Maat (September 16th to October 15th)


The god that represents justice and truth. People born under this sign are persuasive and cooperative, peace makers by nature and owners of a sense of justice. They are clever, they like to reinvent themselves and work hard to reach success. In love they love intimacy and want someone that makes them happy in every sense.





Osiris (October 16th to November 15th)

The god of authority and leadership. Native people of Osiris are energetic, are tolerant, loyal, honest, charismatic, great advisers and will always have a positive solution to everything. In love they are faithful and fight to get wht they want.


Hator (November 16th to December 15th)


Protector of women and love, energetic and optimistic. They have knowledge hunger and love clever conversations. They do not like the routine in life. In love they are spontaneous but enjoy having their own space.


Anubis (December 16th to January 15th)


Symbol of wisdom and help. These are patient people with wisdom and knowledge. Practical, methodic and introverted. With a strong sense of justice and also strong in emotions. In love they are faithful and also need to be admired at the same time that they admire their special person.

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