Compatibility Between Aquarius And Scorpio

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There is not too much compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio because they have very different personalities, their approach towards life and sexuality are complete opposite. Besides, there are many negative factors that can put into risk this relationship, but ironically that is the point where there are things alike between these signs. The things is that Aquarius and Scorpio, they both are very determined with their ideas and they are willing to defend them no matter what, just to prove they are right.

Scorpio is very intense, very emotional and passionate. Aquarius is more balances and surprisingly practical. Scorpio is intuitive and its movements are made because of its instincts. Aquarius tends to be more cold and distant, but also very sociable. Scorpio is very picky when it comes to friendship. Nevertheless, they are both stubborn and their opinions do not tend to change, this is what will make this relationship difficult.

Aquarius might feel attracted by all the mystery that surrounds Scorpio, though it will be very hard to understand that reserved phase. Scorpio is jealous and that is something Aquarius does not seem to get. It will take a long time before Scorpio accepts how unpredictable and uncontrolled is Aquarius. If they wish to have a long-lasting relationship, they will have to understand and appreciate all those differences between them.

These signs are determined, they do not mind following their dreams or taking a challenge, they have a very strong personality to cope with whatever might come, so if they chose to fight for their love despite all the obstacles, they will make their relationship work, adapt to each other's personality and have a long-term alliance.



Another advantage in this relationship is that they both know how to communicate and that will help to improve their tolerance to each other. Probably Scorpio might feel irritated because of the sociability of Aquarius and that might lead into some discussions or even lose control over the situation. If they both recognize this tendency and they use their ability to communicate, there will be more stability in the relationship.

In the aspect of intimacy, there will not be any bigger problem because Scorpio is passionate and ardent, and Aquarius loves experimenting. Aquarius loves to talk, loves romanticism and the previous part, while Scorpio is more active and fond of going to the important matter.

As a couple, there are no possibilities of having a long relationship if they are convinced to keep their personality without making any changes, but the day they decide to put their differences aside, listening to the other one and giving their best for the relationship to work, that day they might even be able to get engaged.

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