Compatibility Between Aquarius And Sagittarius

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The level of sympathy between Aquarius and Sagittarius is very large, and if they are willing to make a bigger effort in their relationship they might enjoy a long-lasting love. The reason for this is because they are very alike when it comes to personality, they have almost the same qualities like being extroverted, spontaneous, joyful, sociable and with certain instinct to look for adventures in their lives. When they are in a relationship, they are not very emotional, they are not very demanding either because they do not need to be all the time next to the other person, it is best for them to keep some distance to feel free and let the other one feel and enjoy that freedom that they really appreciate.

People born under these signs are great talkers, they are into actual themes, politics, culture and many other that might be classified amongst common interests. They might get involved in the deepest and longest conversations and that is why they will get a lot of benefits if they stick together. Though Sagittarius people are a little more philosophic, and they might seem more determined with the things they want in life, and their purposes, these people are also capable of taking the initiative. Aquarius people have more adaptability to any coming situation, they are more constant and determined when it comes to take action.

Aquarius and Sagittarius people have a very active social life, they enjoy meeting new people, going to social events, seeing their friends, maybe they might even have the same friends, or they belong to the same circle, club or any other activity that they enjoy. Generally these Aquarius-Sagittarius couples are very creative because there is a point where the knowledge of Sagittarius meets the creativity of the other sign giving as a result a great and little known level of communication and comprehension (maybe even more than any other couple of the zodiac). This alliance shares the enthusiasm for life, they are optimistic and very kind when they need to help other people.



Not everything is perfect and this relationship also has a weakness. Though it might be considered as a virtue and a common characteristic, they both persist to be independent and free in their relationship, maybe at the very beginning this might feel comfortable while people get to know each other and get to that period of adaptability. They need time and space that both personalities will perfectly allow to each other. It is also important to have common and individual goals, to achieve the balance so that there is no too much distance and that brings certain problems in the future.

In the intimacy, the relationship becomes exciting and naughty because Aquarius likes to innovate and Sagittarius loves to try new things, two ingredients that when getting together, there are sparkles all around. The key to success in this couple is not losing their great communication and having time for their mutual projects and activities but also freedom to make things on their own.

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